The Art of Human Movement


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We look for simple strong ideas that explore human movement and people who want to work with us to realise their ideas.

Our projects are made in a collaboration between producers and the artists whose creative practice drives the work.  We tend to develop projects over a long period, starting with a period of research and development. Our overriding aim is to produce exciting new work which involves communities, is about important ideas and creates excellent and surprising experiences for audiences.

We instigate new projects in a number of different ways. Sometimes we approach artists with an idea we’ve had that we think they might be interested in. Sometimes we put an open call out for emerging or established artists to pitch their ideas to us. This can be the start of a relationship with an artist we haven’t worked with before, or a new journey with artists whose work we know through previous projects with them.

We have created projects with a number of associate artists, whose work we have commissioned more than once, and with whom we hope to have an ongoing relationship. Our current artists are listed here and you can read about past collaborations in our Projects pages.

If you are interested in working with Imove or have an idea which you would like to explore with us, please get in touch.