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Apprentice Producers


Imove and Cida Co ran a Creative Producer Apprenticeship scheme for six budding producers from around the region.


We offered a mix of training, mentoring and practical experience, with each producer working on one of imove’s projects and also getting the chance to produce their own work.


Our six apprentice producers are still working in the region and have established themselves as ‘ones to watch’ for the future.




“The Apprentice Producer programme was an extremely informative and all encompassing project. I feel that I have been exposed to and educated in all aspects of producing, from budgets to marketing, from inspiration to making ideas a reality. I have been trusted to work on numerous professional projects, which has been a revealing confidence building experience, as well as something I am proud to have on my CV. Our frequent meetings with practicing producers and artists were incredibly useful and inspiring. Now that the programme is coming to an end, I have numerous project in progress, which I can say have been directly influenced and affected by the seminars and workshops I have attended over the last year.” – Apprentice Producer


“It has been the most rewarding opportunity I have ever taken part in and had a massive impact on my life.” – Apprentice Producer


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