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My Last Car


In My Last Car I have loved and lost, have shouted and whispered. I have taken great journeys to mysterious places like ASDA and the Far North. I have sat in My Last Car in the rain unable to get out until my favourite track has finished playing. I have picked up children from school, helped friends move house, driven newborn babies from hospital and cried on hard shoulders. My Last Car is my friend and helper, my guardian,  my other place. It is home to secret intimacies, broken promises, laughter and longing.



An epic road trip looking at our complex relationship with the car – collecting poignant, funny and uplifting tales for performances amidst a deconstructed Rover Cabriolet, part live art, part community a celebration in villages in rural North Yorkshire.



Collaborating with: 509 Arts, Al Dix, Shanaz Gulzar, Brian Tweddle & Steve Gumbley, Sarah Woods, Pioneer Projects, Ryedale Folk Museum, Tipping Point. Commissioned with Warwick Arts Centre.


Warwick, Bentham, Ryedale

Oct 2011, June – August 2012



“My Last Car was something very special and unique. What struck me was your attention to detail brought together with such thought. The lining paper on the inside cars, the books, the words in the stories, the film, the direction that filled up the entire space with only two actors. Even your choice of locations was perfect!”

– Audience member and story contributor


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