The Art of Human Movement


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Poems on the Trams

An imove Apprentice Producer project with Joe Kriss and Wordlife


Five poets were commissioned to think about our daily commute and how we relate to the places we move through on the way to and from work. The results by Charlotte Ansell, Ben Wilkinson, Sally Goldsmith, Helen Mort and James Lock were made into posters on Shefield’s trams and can be read here  




August 2012




“A stimulating and inspiring project that encouraged me to think differently about poetry audiences and how to engage with them.”

– Helen Mort


“It was a proper privilege to have my poem ‘Perspective’ welcomed on board Sheffield’s trams. Poems tend to find their homes in magazines, books and, in the last decade or so, the internet; rarely do they appear in tangible public places and spaces, where they can grab people’s attentions on their own terms …. in countless quiet yet significant ways, this series of poems has reached all sorts of people from across Sheffield and beyond.”

– Ben Wilkinson

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