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Sea Swim


Lara Goodband and John Wedgwood Clarke swim off Scarborough out into the North Sea. Between May and September they encourage people to join them.


Lara and John set up Sea Swim, a club for artists and writers who sharpened their creative senses and shifted their perspectives by creating work together after swimming together off the Yorkshire coast. The results, first exhibited at Woodend Gallery, Shandy Hall, The Pannett Gallery Whitby, York Art Gallery and Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art. Other artists dived in too, Sally Greaves-Lord made a colourful fabric wind break and deck chairs, Rob Mackay helped Lara and John make soundscapes, and Ballet Boys joined them on the beach. John’s Sea Swim poems are published by Valley Press. Lara’s films are on vimeo.


The club continues with regular swims while John and Lara concentrate on making new work, creating a new touring exhibition and working in local schools.


John Wedgwood Clarke, Lara Goodband, Sally Greaves-Lord, Rob Mackay, Damian Murphy, David Malone, Stephen Joseph Theatre’s Ballet Boys,

Scarborough Museums Trust and Scarborough Borough Council.


Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Teesside

2011 – 2012, and ongoing



I am thrilled to be patron of this beautifully simple and simply beautiful idea.  Poetry is going down to the sea again.”
– Carol Ann Duffy, The Poet Laureate, Patron of Sea Swim


“I have come home refreshed and invigorated after Sea Swim sessions and started reading texts and stories related to the sea and its meanings. I have enjoyed the friendship of Sea Swim, it’s professional, but not fussy, procedures for safe but exciting swimming.”

– Sea Swim participant

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