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The Mill : City of Dreams

The derelict but beautifully preserved Drummond’s Mill in Bradford was brought back to life for a promenade through its progress from hive of industry to snooker hall. Created from the stories of ex-mill workers, and members of the local communities with roots across Europe and Asia, the show looked beyond the past to ask how we see the future of our industrial cities.


Collaborating with: Freedom Studios.



April-May 2011



“The vast floor plan of the weaving shed seems to redraw itself continually through the shifting perspectives of pillars; narrow corridors extend like simulations in a computer game; while an arched, wooden void beneath eaves feels almost ecclesiastical. The project poses pertinent question about what we want these redundant spaces to become. Gated developments of luxury apartments? Even if Drummonds can no longer sustain industry, at least it has temporarily been filled with imagination.’”
Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

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