Three poets, one DJ.
A crowd


Words, beats, stories.
Dancing is allowed


Breath[e]:LESS is a blend of spoken word, soundscape, projection and dance music on environmental themes. It was originally produced by Imove in association with Theatre in the Mill, Bradford and A Firm of Poets in autumn 2015.

Words by Ralph Dartford, Tessa Gordziejko, Tom Hunt.
Music by Kwah. Projections and design by Al Orange. Directed by Iain Bloomfield

Breath[e]:LESS is a flexible piece which can be presented in a range of performance layouts, scale and environments. It is an ideal show for festivals, small theatre and music venues.

“This is a perfect camping festival gig; sun up, sun down, people in dance and party mode, part of an ongoing dialogue with the audience…”

Helen Meller, Director, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival


For more information contact Tessa


Climate Change and Climate Psychology

Breath[e]:LESS is an exploration by four artists of the human response to climate change threat. It concerns itself less with the science
and more about what is happening in people's heads as they take on (or fail to take on) what the science is telling us.

We undertook a fair bit of research into climate change and the way we are responding to it. You can read about our thoughts
in this Climate Change blog by Tessa.

But Dermot built his pension, comfort, wealth,

he drives a brand new car

and benefits from private health

insurance. A satisfactory, standard life.

He never contemplates future doom

and there again, if it’s true, he and his wife

will be long gone. Won’t be here.

They’ll have left the room.

They were born of the boom.

Tessa Gordziejko (extract) 

Tessa Dermot
Tom Hunt
Tom btreatheless 2

So we sailed south,

wheeled wide around

Africa's west side and further down

to slip, silent as river snakes

past pirates;

none the wiser in their gulfs.

We coasted capes

and schooled with manatee;

seals peeked in our portholes

to laugh at us,

play and gambol in our wake,

and we barely even thought about

the ever-present ache

we harboured in our bones.


You see, we knew, sooner or later

we would have to go back home.

Tom Hunt (extract)

Yet the sweet whispers in the trees

and the soft Mississippi River

rendered Katrina’s memory

to a girl I’d met on the Internet

flirted with from my armchair.


There are those who were rooted here

still clinging to the olive branches over there

whilst a second line of ghosts

trombone alone in her mud.

Ralph Dartford (extract)



Ralph Dartford

Photo credits: Paul Floyd Blake, Lizzie Coombes, Elenid Davies, Steve Eggleston, Fabric Lenny, Sarah Mason, Al Orange, Sean Phillips, Andy Wood

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