is about denial. The sea. Staying alive.

The city. Sunsets. Division. Hope.

It’s about how you and I might respond in our hearts and heads.

To global change, threats to our habitat, love and death.

Oh … and Terry and Julie. Don’t hold your breath.

It is a producer and performer live set – of beats and stories that
you don’t have to sit down to watch. 

Three performers, one DJ. A crowd.

A new kind of performance/ gig experience. Dancing is allowed.


Words by Ralph Dartford, Tessa Gordziejko, Tom Hunt.  Music by Kwah.     Projections and design by Al Orange.      Directed Iain Bloomfield

Click here for information or contact Tessa.

Produced in association with Theatre in the Mill. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

breathless jewellery


Climate Change and Climate Psychology

Breathless is an exploration by four artists of the human response to climate change threat. It concerns itself less with the science
and more about what is happening in people’s heads as they take on (or fail to take on) what the science is telling us.

We undertook a fair bit of research into climate change and the way we are responding to it. You can read about our thoughts
in this Climate Change blog by Tessa.

The Breath[e]:LESS Crew

Breath[e]:LESS is a union of three brilliant writers, one of the north’s best DJs, and a multi-talented lighting and projection
designer who, with the guidance of a leading artistic director, have come together to create this intriguing new show.

Meet Tessa G

Tessa RedTessa has been writing for much longer than she’s been a Creative Producer at Imove. She started aged five, with a short story about a mouse. Since then, her work has been inspired by dogs, floods, cars, memory, loss, feminist archetypes, Mahatma Ghandi, childhood, dancing, facebook, parenting. .. and shoes. And most recently, the psychology of climate change.

But Dermot built his pension, comfort, wealth,
he drives a brand new car
and benefits from private health
insurance. A satisfactory, standard life.
He never contemplates future doom
and there again, if it’s true, he and his wife
will be long gone. Won’t be here.
They’ll have left the room.
They were born of the boom.
(extract) Tessa Gordziejko

Meet Iain Bloomfield

Iain is Artistic Director of Theatre in the Mill and Head of Arts at the University of Bradford, posts with no teaching responsibility – UofB is a Technology institution – but a remit to link staff, students and the communities that surround us through art and create spaces and places in which people can think differently. His work at Theatre in the Mill has seen him support and mentor a huge range of artists and makers and the work produced travels as far as India, New York, Eastern Europe, The Southbank Centre and the Royal Court. This work saw him recently included amongst the 100 most influential people in Yorkshire by the Yorkshire Post – whilst lists are a bit silly, the support for the Theatre in the Mill was very heartening. 

He is also a freelance Director and Dramaturg whose recent credits include ‘Learning How to Die’ by Luca Rutherford (ARC, Stockton and Northern Stage), Rise and Fall of a Northern Star by Stella Grundy (national touring), and two shows by Displace Yourself Theatre Eden (national touring) and Free to Stay (ARC, Stockton and Camden Peoples Theatre).

Born and raised in Singapore, Iain is very interested in his work with theatre as a live event at which an audience is present, which probably reflects the early street performance that he saw as a child.

Meet Al Orange

Al Orange is a creative multi-tasker whose body of work has reached across many different performing art forms including circus, physical theatre, dance, site-specific and immersive, music, video and photography. She started out playing in punk bands before running away with the circus and becoming a trapeze artist.  She then formed her own company Exponential Aerial Theatre for whom she not only performed, but wrote the music, designed the lighting and made the videos. She continues to explore and experiment with this diverse skill set with companies such as Tangled Feet, Red Road Dance Theatre, Southpaw Dance Company and many more.  She also loves dancing.

Her first period of intensive writing was in South London, where she was a member of Morley College writers’ group. She has had poetry published in various anthologies, written scripts for training dramas and has performed her poetry across the north in 2015, which has marked a return to sustained creative writing. Her work for breath[e]:LESS has been influenced by the rhythms of psychedelic trance and psy-breaks, by David Bowie, by climate psychology literature and events and by forcing herself to watch films on Youtube by people who hold views opposite to her own.

Meet Tom Hunt

Tom HandsyTom is a writer, circus artist and northerner currently living in Bristol, UK. He is a regular street performer at the Edinburgh Fringe, and is one half of lycra-clad juggling comedy duo Conlon & Hunt. A relative newcomer to spoken word, he has thus far enjoyed a short but tempestuous career; having recently been invited into and subsequently kicked out of a poetry collective over the course of just two performances. When he writes, he draws influence from Neil Gaiman, Charles Bukowski and Brett Easton Ellis. When he juggles, he draws it from flamenco, whiskey and ninjas.
“Now, I’m not saying I don’t agree

I mean, I fucking love trees,
and icecaps and wombats
and I’d save all the bees
if I had time
but I am just about to eat my tea
so, d’you mind?…”
(extract) Tom Hunt

Meet Ralph Dartford

Ralph Dartford hails from Basildon, Essex and is founder member of highly acclaimed spoken word collective ‘A Firm of Poets’. Ralph has been published in The Guardian, Stirring Magazine (US), Pulp Faction, Exterminating Angel Press (US) and London Territories. His first Collection, ‘Cigarettes, Beer and Love’ was published by Ossett Observer Presents in July 2013.

The crack of glass,
the howls of burnt dogs,
the squeals of looters.
A police car
and a screaming siren.
The music for the last couple.
Terry and Julie,
near Waterloo station,
a Friday night.
(extract) Ralph Dartford

Meet Kwah

rory kwahKwah has been making psychedelic rhythms for around 5 years, and in that time has built up a reputation for blistering intricate productions and heavy dancefloor driven bass. More recently he has moved onto the slower and more chilled out end of the dance music spectrum, starting the new project Tea Tree with an aim to turning this into a Live dub set… watch this space!

For Breath[e]:LESS you expect a mix between these two styles, with everything in between and either side. Brand new tunes and immersive soundscapes will make this a true adventure through audio.


Breath[e]:LESS  – Book it!

“Wonderfully dynamic”– York Press

‘Great Support’- Kate Tempest

“A pocket full of miracles”- Richard Lee / Jerwood Space

“This is proper, visceral stuff about real life. Poetry for the rest of us” – Luke Wright

“A disgrace!” – Sylvia Plath


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