Haunt in Cheltenham: changing lives

Haunt workshop huddle with HollyWe’ve now completed an exciting residency in Cheltenham. In October 2017, the Haunt creative team were invited to do a five-day residency at The Cheltenham Everyman Theatre, working with participants from homeless charity P3.

Continuing our exploration of spa towns, hauntings and contemporary stories with those inhabitants who experience homeless and marginalisation, we ran workshops in creative writing, physical theatre and movement. Photographer Paul Floyd Blake worked with participants to create images of self and place.
“Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s been life changing. Can’t thank you enough!”
Josh, P3 Manager

For Imove, the project was a further testament to the power of arts to make significant shifts in people’s lives, in particular the opportunity to tell their stories and define their identities in creative and powerful ways that will be heard.

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