Rory created the electronic soundscape for the 2016 Haunt performance in Harrogate, and the music score for breath[e]:LESS.


He is a composer, producer/DJ from West Yorkshire, currently based in Lancaster.

As KWAH, he has been playing psychedelic nights across Britain for five years, including Sunrise, Tribe of Frog, Soma Sonic and Illuminaughty. His driving sounds have been heard on festival dancefloors worldwide including Goa Dupa festival, Poland, Burning Mountain Festival, Switzerland, and Beatherder and Alchemy Festivals, UK. He has had releases on Broken Robot, RUNE Recordings, VIM Records, Warped Recordings, In Bloom Recordings, 96KHz and Scarcity.

On a more ambient stage, as Tea Tree, he plays chillout and midtempo sets with The Beats Bizarre label, and he is part of the Alterra Project, recording on Badgers Records.


More recently he has moved onto the slower and more chilled out end of the dance music spectrum, starting the new project Tea Tree with an aim to turning this into a Live dub set… watch this space!

For Breath[e]:LESS you expect a mix between these two styles, with everything in between and either side. Brand new tunes and immersive soundscapes will make this a true adventure through audio.

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