Saboteur Awards

In 2016, Haunt was shortlisted for a Saboteur Award under the Best Collaborative project.

We didn’t win but we got to meet some great people, and had an excellent night celebrating the health of poetry, spoken word and performance at the moment.

When we got back there was an email waiting with comments from those who had voted for Haunt. What was really striking was how everyone who commented got what Haunt is about. They understood the project, and what we’re trying to achieve.

Some of the comments posted by people who voted for Haunt ‘(why are you voting for this project?’). Some comments are from participants and partner agencies. 

  • Haunt addresses very real issues in a new and innovative way.
  • A brave collaboration which aims to celebrate voices that are rarely heard whilst creating innovative work of high artistic quality.
  • It gives a voice to the voiceless.
  • standing way above the rest with originality and great collaboration shining through the work
  • Moving, innovative project that gets to the heart of a city.
  • A wonderful fully cooperative project, raising the profile of a group of people often hidden from sight in towns like Harrogate. Gives them a voice in an original way.
  • Writing in the ultimate social sense.
  • Shockingly direct and unselfpitying accounts of people’s lives below the surface appearances of how things are meant to be.
  • It challenges cultural stereotypes and highlights that homelessness can be present in even the most well to do societies.
  • because I grew up in Harrogate so this caught my attention and then haunted my dreams
  • Innovative, forward thinking productions always, opening up debate about things that really matter. Very original way of looking at things, and opening the door to solutions.
  • A wonderful anthology giving a creative outlet to hidden voices and hidden talent and one that has made a real difference to the writers involved.
  • Because the project allowed people who would likely otherwise be left out of arts activity to engage and get enjoyment from finding a voice.
  • For making a rather invisible subject visible through creativity and warmth. Inspiring, artistically brilliant and socially important.
  • Managing to combine a great cause with some great stories. Giving opportunities and experience whilst raising awareness. All round a fab project.
  • Powerful work. Project which engaged and supported a group who really need it.
  • This is a beautifully haunting trip through the other side of Harrogate. The writing is powerful. It may just highlight the reality of towns and cities to the invisible people that are present there.
  • Very moving, on the important issue of homelessness, with participants who have been encouraged to express their real life experiences.
  • The book produced is great and the ongoing work of the project is raising awareness of homelessness in a town which many people wouldn’t believe has a problem.
  • My home town is perceived as affluent and privileged. Growing up there, I’ve often called it a schizophrenic town. In Haunt we see the other side, portrayed in a way the posh half would appreciate.
  • Intrinsic, honest, moving
  • They have achieved real social value as well as creative worth artistically.
  • amazing & evocative work
  • Extraordinary work tapping into the imaginations and the life experiences of some of the most marginalised people in the region.
  • Because while there’s homelessness, we are all haunted, and this project is making a tangible impact.
  • They have done some amazing projects with the youth hostels that has been really effective
  • Positive work with the complex young people we support.
  • Fantastic project that worked so well with our service users to produce some beautiful work
  • Really important project working with vulnerable people
  • Having experienced homelessness and seen it’s impact first hand on many others in my hometown, this is an innovative and valuable project.
  • This is a genuinely collaborative project with one of the most excluded groups in society. It has led to some great art as well as opening up new opportunities for socially excluded individuals.
  • Because the project reminds us that homelessness and transient lives aren’t just a ‘far-away’ problem of big cities and deprived places… and, more importantly, reminds us that the homeless are real people with voices and opinions and likes and dislikes – rather than the blank receptacles for pity or charity that we’re all guilty (at times) of seeing them as.
  • The work they do raising awareness of the problem of homelessness, particularly in such an apparently affluent area as Harrogate where many do not realise it is happening, is amazing and important.
  • To encourage further collaboration between artists and venues that increase local knowledge and situational awareness. What Haunt has produced is not just a splendid piece of work, but establishes that effective, entertaining multidisciplinary approaches are eminently possibly.
  • Innovative, creative, inspirational.
  • The innovative approach to the project and the engagement with the homeless community amongst others who have collaborated on this work has been truly inspiring.
  • Homelessness education should be important to everyone.
  • The stories they are telling, in the setting they chose, and the way they are telling them.
  • Extraordinary work from (generally ignored) homeless people.
  • A sensitive collaboration between professional writers and non-professional, sometimes completely new, writers. Beautiful writing and a poignant insight into human fragility, and the fragility of our perceived ‘security’.
  • They are doing very important and creative work for the local community and are great poets themselves.
  • Great collection of stories, well written
  • It’s a great enterprise involving many fine Northern talents.
  • A compassionate and well-crafted responses to current issues of homelessness and the ways that contemporary issues can haunt us by doing as well as doing nothing, through writing and film,
  • For all the help and awareness they are raising. And the hard work that’s gone into the project
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