Salt Song

As a woman sets out on a journey to forget, swimming through a sea of bittersweet memories, Salt Song explored how we remember.

Salt Song combined film, music and poetry to trigger the senses, evoking memories of the sea, and the sea shore.


Photo by Andy Wood
The performance at Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds’ oldest cinema, featured film and photography by Andy Wood and original poetic narrative written and performed by award-winning poet, former Parliamentary Writer in Residence and Keats House Poet-in-Residence, Rommi Smith. An original score composed by Dave Kane was played live by The Salt Song Band, an ensemble of some of the best musicians from the British Jazz scene, including award winning pianist Matthew Bourne and the internationally acclaimed vocal trio Royst.

A 45 minute film by Andy Wood is available for screenings at film and arts festivals as a piece which translates the lyrical qualities of the original live performance presented to critical acclaim in Leeds in 2013, into an immersive cinematic form.

To find out more about the Salt Song film, contact Tessa.

Salt Song image by Andy Wood
Photo of a seagull by Andy Wood
Salt Song - 132
Salt Song - 162
Salt Song - 143
Salt Song - 160
Salt Song - 089
Salt Song - 076
Salt Song - 037
Salt Song - 051

Photo credits: Paul Floyd Blake, Lizzie Coombes, Elenid Davies, Steve Eggleston, Fabric Lenny, Sarah Mason, Al Orange, Sean Phillips, Andy Wood

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