The Second Breath

“It. Is. Not. Happening.

It is not true.  The facts are incorrect.  They are myths. …arguments built on a house of cards... 

And even if they weren't. I can't stop it. If it is happening. You can't do anything. Little you. It is the way it is and there is nothing we can do."


I know now that they aren’t coming to protect me.  They won’t stop the sea levels from rising and the water from heating up. 

It is happening, we cannot hope that it isn’t.  They are not coming to rescue us.  THEY do not exist.

‘THEY’ is ‘US’.” 


TSB portrait
The Second Breath _LizzieCoombes - 31
The Second Breath _LizzieCoombes - 26
second breath mud
Hom - Jo Moss - 2nd Breath - Lizzie Coombes

The Second Breath was produced in May 2014. It was a promenade performance in Holbeck, Leeds, of electronic music, soundscape, live circus performance and words, exploring themes of climate change and climate psychology.

Written and Directed by Mish Weaver, Stumble danceCircus

Music by Kwah.

Performed by David Ford, Tom Hunt, Maddie McGowan, Jo Moss


Photo credits: Paul Floyd Blake, Lizzie Coombes, Elenid Davies, Steve Eggleston, Fabric Lenny, Sarah Mason, Al Orange, Sean Phillips, Andy Wood

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