Pampiric: the secret of eternal youth

During 2019 we have been developing a new project about attitudes to ageing, body image, climate justice, intergenerational equality and the dark side of the beauty industry. We created ‘scratch’ material towards situational performances as part of Hebden Bridge Weekend of Wonderful Women in a local beauty salon, and at Lush in Leeds.

Using blood as a metaphor, we ask : what is the true cost of the ‘because I’m worth it’ pampering experience? Whose worth is diminished to provide another woman’s rejuvenating therapies? Are the older generation stealing the future from the young?

In 2020 we’ll be further developing the material and the conversation : talking to people working in the beauty industry; older women involved in direct action and climate campaigning ; women of all ages who want to talk about what it means to get older; and young people who may feel they’re being sold down the river by the baby boomers.

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